Atherton & BV History

Cobb and Co

Back in the mid 1880's when tin miners, cedar cutters and pioneering farmers were making their mark, a rough shanty was erected near the banks of Prior's creek. It's popularity as a Cobb & Co way station, general store, post office and pub soon saw it grow into a substantial single storey building.
By the outbreak of the First World War, Atherton had grown and a second story was added.
The very successful local football team, the Atheron Roosters claimed the hotel in the 20's as their team headquarters, and have been associated with the Barron Valley ever since. The Lions Club has also been based at the hotel since 1957.
In 1930, Sconder Nasser bought the hotel, which is still in the Nasser family.
Old BV

As war clouds darkened Europe again, the final renovation commenced. Beginning at one end, the old timber structure was replaced with all new, gracious Art Deco design hotel featuring 30 rooms, a snooker table, two bars, with a ballroom and dining room that partions off with original splendid stained glass folding doors.
Commander of the Pacific war effort, General Sir Thomas Blamey headquartered at the hotel for a short time in 1942 and the army took over the rest of the building as an officer's mess.
This superb hotel is still a feature of Atherton life and fortunately it hasn't been modernised too much. Fittings and decor are mostly unchanged since 1939.

Let your tropical tableland holiday be all the richer for this unique accommodation experience. Step back in time and savour those balmy pre-war days.

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